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Run Bolt Run 1.0

Run Bolt Run is an action game based in the Disney character
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Run Bolt Run is an action game based in the Disney character from the Bolt movie.
In Run Bolt Run you will control the main character, Bolt the dog. You must rescue your friend Penny, who has been kidnapped. To do so, you must run and jump between roofs and moving platforms. Some enemies will try to stop you, but they will not really hurt you. You can attack them by pressing the Z key. When you do so, your enemies will fall and die. What will really hurt you is to fall down from a roof or platform. That will cost you all the remaining health. You can jump to save gaps or to collect coins by pressing the X key. As you advance through levels, your task will become harder. A helicopter will shoot missiles to you, and your enemies will appear in the small moving platforms.

You can check your health level looking at the indicator on the lower end of the screen. When it reaches zero, you will need to start again from where you have lost your last life. This game is intended for kids, and it is really very easy to complete your mission: eventually, you will very likely save Penny.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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